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Books and Crafts

For every book sold, one dollar will be donated to True North Aid, which is a Canadian charity that delivers food, clothing, medical supplies and books to Northern Ontario First Nations communties, that are fly in only. The books are priced at $7.00 each in Canadian funds. porcyAll of the books are available for sale, we accept Email Money Transfer, Paypal and Money Order, please send inquiry/payment to redroadpub@hotmail.com
and we will ship promptly.

Also, find the books at the following stores- www.goodminds.com, The Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, Saint Marie Among the Hurons, Midland, Ontario and Ten Mile Point, Manitoulin Island.

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Small native crafts and jewellery for sale also. Dreamcatchers, Medicine Bags, friendship bracelets, mini-drums and more.

Emilie wishes to acknowledge the Canada Council for the Arts for its support.

Canada Council